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Why you should choose



Our team members are pioneers in the management of interventional suites—benefit from our understanding.


VMA is focused only on the needs of the interventional specialist, focusing on the office-based interventional suite.


Our clients’ suites are safe, well-run profit centers—this does not occur by accident but by careful management.

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We Are Proud Of What We Do

We help interventional specialists succeed. Running an interventional suite is difficult. Running a busy, profitable, interventional suite is even more difficult. We bridge the gap and help our clients focus on what they do very best—take care of patients.

Core Services

  • Suite Set-Up

    Do you need to set up a new physician office-based intervention suite? We can advise you on what you need to do and help you set one up quickly by doing most of the work for you. From financial pro forma analysis, space planning, equipment, staffing, clinical supplies, policies, procedures, and billing processes, we can help you eliminate the guesswork and focus on getting you operational as quickly as possible.

  • Coding/Billing

    Do you need help coding your surgical cases? Use our web-based VASCUNOTETM software to help you code for yourself, or alternatively send your op notes to us to code. We specialize in endovascular and vascular surgery cases. Don’t hold up your claims for need of coding.

    We provide a full range of billing services, including claims submission, payment posting, appeals of denials, and follow up with payers. We pay attention to details and will help train your staff on front end revenue processes. Contact us to find out how we can bill for you.

  • Management

    We provide a wide array of management services for your intervention suite so that you can concentrate on your patients. Our services include:

    • Assisting you to implement and comply with appropriate policies and procedures for operating the intervention suite
    • Getting your facility accredited and maintaining accreditation status
    • Overseeing your revenue cycle process, including training your staff on front end billing processes
    • Managing your clinical supplies.
    • Coding all your surgical cases
    • Billing for all your cases
  • Consulting

    Do you need help on a specific project? We provide ad hoc consulting in our expertise on intervention suite set up and operation, and coding and billing for endovascular and vascular surgery cases. Find out how we can help you.