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Your complete interventional suite resource.

A Real Time-Saver

Vascunote is the engine of profitability—a web-based coding solution to help transform your interventional suite’s bottom line.

Free Updates & Support

VMA is there to assist with training, technical support, and updates as they become available.

No Special Skills Required

VMA will train your staff on the proper use of the program. If a staff member can use email, they can run Vascunote.


Some Vascunote Core Features…

  • ARE YOU STRUGGLING to keep up with the coding for your interventional procedures? Are your claims being denied for untimely filing or inadequate documentation? VASCUNOTETM can help you eliminate those problems.
  • VASCUNOTETM is a web-based application where you can easily and quickly create operative notes for interventional endovascular procedures using an intuitive point-and-click graphical user interface. CPT codes are generated automatically as you go along. Not only can you document your procedure very quickly, eliminating the usual dictation-transcription delay, you also get the CPT codes that you can use for billing that are consistent with and supported by your operative note!
  • Use VASCUNOTETM in real time in the intervention suite, and you can have your operative note ready for you to review and sign, and coded, as soon as you are finished with the procedure. No more delays with coding!
  • Ever wondered how much you would collect from your procedure? VASCUNOTETM can tell you your expected payment from Medicare right away.
  • With VASCUNOTETM you can have your operative note, CPT codes, and expected payment, as soon as you’re done with your procedure.